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SMS Multi Display Wall+ 37"-60” näytöille

One package and one article number for each screen!

A premium solution that makes large communication simple. Build a video wall easily or place the screens in a row - and choose any number or design.

The solution makes it easy to place the screens exactly in line and allows edge-to-edge mounting for a perfect result.
If you build a video wall you will appreciate a smart and economical finesse:
the ”Push” function that pushes a screen forwards to give easy access for service and/or exchange while all other screens remain in operation.

Recommended for screens of 37-60”.
Finish : Aluminium/black
Max. load (kg): 45 kg/screen.

VESA (mm) : 100-400 mm vertically.
No limitation horizontally.

Rec. screen size (inch): 37-60”
Distance wall/rear of screen (mm) : 60

The distance from the wall at maximum extension - the "push" function (mm): 220
Stroke (mm) : 160

Ordering: All components are supplied in a single package.
One package and one article number for each screen!

For example: order 6 x for a video wall of six screens.


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