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AG Neovo HDMI ext over CAT 100m receiver


Laadukas HDMI-jatkaja, joka koostuu kahdesta osasta (lähetin ja vastaanotin).
Olemme testanneet jatkajan suoralla 100m CAT6 kaapelilla FHD-resoluutiolla.

HIP-Series, HDMI extender set is designed to extend your HD display with the max. resolutions of 1080p/60Hz up to 330 feet (100 meters) away from your HDMI or DVI-D source. Thanks to the use of the TCP/IP protocol, you can transfer your high-definition video over an existing TCP/IP network. See below three examples:

A. The HIP-T and HIP-R units can extend 100 meters over a single CAT5/6 cable connection point to point.

B. The HIP-T can be connected to a switch to establish an IP address therefore sending 1080p video signals to Multiple HIP-R connected to the switch to the desired displays. BONUS up to 150 Displays with single HIP-T.

C. The HIP-T can be connected to a router with internet to establish a DHCP address therefore sending 1080p video signals to HIP-R connected to the router to the desired displays.


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